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Minnesota Integrative Medicine & Acupuncture specializes in the treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy through Non-Surgical and Non-Pharmaceutical treatment methods. 

We are the leading clinic in the North Twin Cities that provides Natural Solutions for the treatment and management of Neuropathic Pain.

Our experienced team has helped hundreds of patients become PAIN FREE!

100% Drug Free, Safe, and Proven Method.


The integrative approach we use at Minnesota Integrative Medicine & Acupuncture increases the rate of blood flow and nutrients to the nerves that have been damaged. This then allows the nerves to return to a healthy functioning state. Even if you are at 85% nerve loss, we can help!


Nerve damage does not have to be permanent.


You don’t have to just live with it.


Peripheral Neuropathy is a common neurologic condition, which affects the peripheral nerves. The most common symptoms associated with peripheral neuropathy are burning, tingling pain, which often feels like sharp electric sensation.

Walking, especially on hard or cold surfaces can be very painful, often described as walking on ground glass or stepping on pebbles.


When large nerve fibers are involved, patients are more likely to experience sensory loss and weakness in the feet and sometimes hands.

Small (microscopic) fiber involvement is typically limited to painful sensory symptoms. Often there are changes in the skin such as thinning and body hair loss, as well as muscle wasting in the feet and hands.

There are many common causes of peripheral neuropathy in the US. This includes diabetes, thyroid disorders, certain auto-immune conditions, vitamin B12 deficiency, alcohol abuse and exposure to toxins such as heavy metals or chemotherapy drugs. HIV, other infections and certain types of cancer can also cause this type of pain.


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  • Numbness

  • Prickling/Tingling

  • Sharp Electric Pain

  • Burning Pain

  • Cramping & Discomfort

  • Hurts to Walk

  • Balance Problems

  • Diabetic Nerve Pain

  • Restless Leg

  • Arthritis


  • Diabetes

  • Chemotherapy

  • Certain medications

  • High Alcohol Usage

  • Certain infections

  • Tumors

  • Trauma

  • Low Back Issues

You don't need to live another day with debilitating pain!


Your exam will include an exam known as THE PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY TORONTO SCORING EXAM. This exam compares several sensations between that of the feet compared to a part of the body that has normal sensation. There are a thousand shades of numbness and it has been my experience that most people with nerve damage are worse off than they think because they have gradually and unperceptively lost their feeling. Having the peripheral neuropathy Toronto scoring test allows us to see how much damage has been done AND to see how much progress you are making during treatment. 


In some cases, medication is the sole remedy for the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, but the integrative medical team at Minnesota Integrative Medicine & Acupuncture offers a more holistic, comprehensive approach to treating both your symptoms and the underlying causes of your neuropathy.


Right now you have a few choices:

You can do nothing or continue to do whatever you have been doing, but has that been working for you? Why else would you be reading this information?

You can call our clinic now at 651-272-7998 and schedule your consultation to learn more and see if our approach to treating neuropathy can help you.​



  • How has your condition affected your relationships, finances, family, or other activities?

  • What has it cost you in time, money, happiness, and sleep?

  • Where do you picture yourself in the next one to five years if this problem is not taken care of soon?

  • What is it worth to you if we could improve your condition?

  • Are you willing to make some simple changes that will dramatically change your life?


We take pride in helping patients get their quality of life back from this debilitating disease. But we can’t help you unless you take the first step!

The Time is NOW!

Make a change today & start living PAIN FREE!

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